Built to Last and Look Great for Many Years

Tavern Creek Cabinetry manufactures outdoor polymer cabinets and are built to last

What sets us apart from others is that we are the manufacture these outdoor polymer cabinets, therefore allowing us to select only the best quality materials. Such as premium weatherproof polymer together with solid surface tops and stainless steel hardware all providing properties that will hold up to the harshest outdoor elements. Selecting premium polymer provides the same functionality as your indoor cabinets.

We have three product lines: Free Standing, DIY and Floor Plans, all lines are built using the same quality materials and provide the same functionality as you’re inside cabinets.

The free-standing products do not require any installation just a little setup and they are ready for use.

 The floor plans are put together with cost in mind.  We have created a few different layouts that fit most outdoor spaces ready for you to order. 

The DIY allows you to layout your outdoor space and pick the cabinets and appliances using our options.


Full Functionality
Pull out trash can
Why Polymer?

Works like wood and last a lifetime.

Cabinet grade polymer is a unique and advanced polymer material that is 25% stiffer than the other kind of polymer  Cabinet grade polymer is their most scratch-resistant polymer making it an excellent construction material for cabinetry, case goods, and architectural partitions. Cabinet grade polymer is environmentally stabilized and has been developed to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions. It will not warp, rot, or delaminate when exposed to humidity or water. It can be fabricated using standard woodworking tools and techniques.

What colors are available?  Mocha Brown,  Charcoal Gray, Indigo and Nutmeg.

What are the Features and Benefits ?

  • Environmentally stabilized
  • No volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Resistant to common molds and mildew
  • Chemical-resistant and easy to clean
  • Will not warp, rot, splinter, or delaminate
  • Our most scratch-resistant polymer
  • 25% stiffer than King StarBoard
  • No finishing required
  • Works like wood
Cabinet Colors and Door Designs


Door Design Catalog

Flat Panel

Square Panel


Solid Surface Top Colors

Here are the standard colors.  








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